Welcome to Pondview Guesthouse

Pond View Guesthouse is a secluded country retreat overlooking a spring-fed pond set within 25 acres of rolling pastoral and wooded landscape on the Blue Ridge Plateau in Southwestern Virginia. Situated at the end of a private drive off the Blue Ridge Parkway, the cabin is within walking distance (0.6 mi) of Meadows of Dan – a small, friendly community with shopping amenities. Enjoy scenic beauty in each of the four seasons, a temperate climate, a variety of outdoor activities, local art and craft traditions, as well as numerous cultural events in the area throughout the year.

We especially welcome any travellers arriving by bicycle !

You might also consider the Pondview Guesthouse as a location for meetings, workshops, or retreats.  If you are organizing a gathering and expect other out-of-towners, a number of additional overnight accommodations (including camping facilities) are available in the immediate vicinity.  We would be happy to discuss your needs!



Dog Policy
We do have a dog (Suzy-Q) and two outdoor cats.  All have free run of the premises -- which comprise about 25 acres with nearest traffic road at 0.4 miles away.  Suzy-Q is friendly and sure to be interactive with people and other dogs. We gladly welcome dogs at the Pondview Guesthouse when we feel the dogs would be generally compatible and owners responsible.

Our ground rules for guest dogs are as follows:

  • Owners provide bedding for dogs.
  • Feed dogs on the porch.
  • Dogs not allowed on any furniture.
  • Dogs would never be allowed to remain in the house on the property when unattended by the owners.
  • We expect that dogs would be monitored or trained to avoid damage to any sensitive areas -- including nearby vegetable garden, flower beds, and some wetland habitats that are all unfenced.
  • "Dog business" should occur away from human-traveled areas -- or otherwise cleaned-up.
  • Flea and tick treatment is a must for this rural environment.
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